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About Court is Crafty


(Check back often while the question of "What to do about NYS Sales Tax details are sorted out. If you'd like to be on the Update list, email me at and I'll be happy to keep you up to date!)

Here's the deal: Five categories, five random items. Items change weekly so be sure to check back and see what's new!

Categories are as follows:

  •  Sew much more! – Come see what unique hand sewn items or accessories I’ve created. Items have ranged from skirts, to wristlets, to headbands and other hair accessories. I like fun bold fabrics (and hope you do too) but am happy to accommodate your fabric choice wherever possible.
  • Strings and Things – Here is where you can find any of my high quality crocheted items. Hats, scarves, clutches and more.
  • Court is Crafty loves Kids – Oh we do! This will be a mixed bag of wearable items and paper crafts for kids.
  • Randomness abounds – Whatever I’ve been working on lately, it’ll be here. Might be hand drawn mugs, might be a crocheted item, mugs, soaps, ornaments, or whatever else I come up with. Items here will be recycled/upcycled, single runs and most will be one of a kind. If you see something here, grab it before it’s gone!
  • Paper goods – Journals, digital crafts that can be printed by you, bookmarks, and more.
    All products are handmade or digitally made by me with Love. Most of the wearable crocheted items are made with cotton, acrylic or acrylic blend yarn. If it is made from something else, it will be noted. I’m allergic to wool so I cannot use it to craft.
    Items shown are ready to go. They will be sent out the very next business day. If you want a different color or size that's awesome! 
Almost anything you see can be customized to your liking. Most custom work gets shipped 5-7 days from finalization.

If at any time you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact me and I will do my absolute best to make it right.

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